Chords of Sumo: Regtest
Luca p. diego arnedo,german dafunchio
Obras cumbres [2000]
intro:[Am Dm Am E7]x4 Some call this happy valley rock:
Am Dm play us some music,lord,
Am E7 i hope i won't come on too strong
Am Dm you can´t refuse it,yeah,
Am E7 but yow know you might be wrong yow could call it reggae, you couldn't call it rock and roll come on get ready, there´s a big ball going to roll
Am You better get up brother up,
Dm Am brother up get brother up,yeah
E7 don´t you go too far
Am you better get down,brother down,
Dm brother down,brother down,brother down yeah,
Am E7 like a shooting star... I had a dream oh yeah, in 1973 I dream a spaceship,lord, come down to deliver me It was big and white And it had come a long long way A black star liner? yeah! You know, I could not say But it took me up brother, up brother up brother, up brother, yeah You know, it took me far! Then it brought me down brother, down brother Down brother, down brother, down yeah! Like a shooting star. Still play my music I hope I don't come on too strong You can't refuse it, lord But you know you might be wrong You could call it reggae You couldn't call this rock and roll Come on , get ready there's a big ball going to roll You better get up brother, up brother, Up brother lord! Don't you go too far! You better get down brother, Down brother, down brother, down lord! Like a shooting star. Acordes: Am: x02210 Dm: xx0231 E(7): 0201(3)0 O bien, para poder mutearlos mejor y darle el ritmo reggae hacelos con cejilla de la siguinte forma. Am: 577555 Dm: x57765 E(7): x776454
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