Chords of René y René: Creí
Rene Ornelas
desconocido [1966]
D Creí
A7 D que tu vida era mía
A7 D y que tú me querías
Em A7 D como yo te quiero a tí
D Cante
A7 D la ilusión de mi anhelo
A7 D y hubo sol en mi cielo
Em A7 D y alegría en mi vivir
D7 G Después
A7 D D7 mi canción se hizo triste
G lloré
A7 D porque ya te perdí
A7 D ya te perdi
D My dream
A7 was that some day
D you'll want me
A7 D and some day you will love me
Em A7 D just the way that I love you
D At last
A7 D you were walking beside me
A7 D there was love all around me
Em A7 D when I gave my life to you
D7 G And then
A7 D without wanting you left me
D7 G You are gone
A7 D but you are still in my heart
A7 D here in my heart
D And now
A7 D all my dreams have been broken
A7 D and I'm left with a token
Em A7 D with a prayer and with a dream
D Crei
A7 D que tu vida era mia
A7 D y que tu me querias
Em A7 D como yo te quiero a ti
A7 D Creiii
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