Chords of Mano Negra: Magic Dice
Manu Chao

C F G |--3-3-----3-3-------3-3-----3-3-----5-5----5-5-----3-3-----3-3-3--| |------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------5------5----------5------5--------5------5-------4---------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------| CORO: (se toca con el tab de arriba y los acordes C - F - G)
C La patchanka (cause we got it!) The sticky sound (the magic dice)
F La patchanka (Thank you thank you)
G Can be no rotten sound! (Magic Dice!)
C One day I found me a Magic Dice
F G Magic Dice that always talkin twice
C Roll Roll Roll the tumblin dice
F G Every thing you say is a good advice Coro
C Nice Nice Nice the Tumblin Dice
F G Never leave me to my own, my own Device
C He never Ever Ever Ever told me lies
F G Nice Nice Nice, The Tumblin Dice Coro
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