Chords of Charly García: Happy and real
Charly Garcia
Kill Gil [2007]
C Sometimes you feel
B5 Happy and real
Fmaj7 Some times you´re sad
Fm Feel the disease
C A/C# D7 but if you laugh sometimes
Dm7 G6 C G5 Just like everybody says goodbye
C You came along
B5 You came to me
Fmaj7 look at the sky
Fm7 look at the sea
C A D7 don´t look into my eyes
Dm7 G9 C cause I say hello, don´t say goodbye
F This is the real connection
F This is the love affection
Fmaj7 This is the way I feel
F#7 B Em DmSus4 This is the love I feel tonight for you
G F#m7 F4maj7 E7 A7b9 When the time is right and you know it too
Am7 D G what matter if they say I play the fool
Cm Fm G5 Cm D/F# G
C C7 Fm D/F# Cm/G G
C Some times I look
B5 All the world trough
Fmaj7 Some times I see
Fm7 the sky in you
C A/C# D7 You look so pretty now
Dm7 G C You`r my princess, you´r my love inside
A7 D7 Some time you feel like me
Dm7 G79 C G5 some times you just kiss me and I feel free
C B5 Fmaj7 Fm7 Cmaj7 A7/C# D
Dm7 G6 C Sometimes I feel Happy and I feel blue At the same time, and you too. el tema lo saque de oido yo creo q esta bien... es la version del CD Kill Gil no se como sera la de Tango 4 y la de Influencia supongo q mas o mnos lo mismo, bue a practicarlo q sale!! SAY NO MORE
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